2014 Senate District 51 DFL convention a rousing success!

Our March 22, 2014 Senate District 51 DFL convention was a rousing success, not to mention inspiring and a lot of fun!

The convention endorsed Representatives Sandy Masin and Laurie Halverson for re-election by acclamation. In their addresses to the convention, Sandy spoke about the important work going on at the Capital this spring (addressing tax cuts, minimum wage, transportation, etc.), while Laurie welcomed the opportunity to move from fixing problems to building the Minnesota we all want to see!

There is no doubt. Eagan and Burnsville are fortunate to have such caring, thoughtful and dedicated people working so hard on their behalf in St. Paul!

The convention also considered nearly 60 resolutions for improving state and national policy, ranging from calls to raise the minimum wage, make our schools safe, better fund education, and enact a state-based universal single payer health care system in Minnesota. In the next several days, the district’s Resolutions Committee will be tallying the votes and reporting on the resolutions the convention adopted. So stay tuned!

The convention also elected our party officers and officials, some new and some old, as well as 38 delegates and alternates to the state DFL convention. As I mentioned in my pre-convention blog, these dedicated folks will also represent our community at the congressional district convention on April 26 at which they will nominate the candidate that will replace John Kline as our representative in Congress.

And, yes, it will be nice to finally have a U.S. representative from our region that cares about quality education, that supports investment in our roads and other infrastructure, that believes we all should have affordable health care, and that realizes we, as a nation, can no longer ignore the threat of climate change!

So, yes, the DFL51 convention WAS a great success and we all owe a special thanks to the delegates that made the commitment of time and energy to make it so. And, next, we need to keep working hard to re-elect our great state representatives, Governor, State Auditor, Attorney General and U.S. Senator, and elect a successor to Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, who also will protect our right to vote. And, finally, we need to do what it takes to replace that guy with the empty briefcase in the U.S. House!

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