Making Minnesota Better

With election season in full swing and the U.S. Supreme Court (and Koch Brothers) unleashing unlimited big money into our lives, we’ve been subjected to a lot of political nonsense each and every day. This makes it so easy for people to get cynical about politics and to conclude that their vote is not important.

That’s why DFL51 has stepped up to help people understand the huge difference Governor Dayton and Minnesota Democrats, including our own Senator Jim Carlson and Representatives Sandra Masin (51A) and Laurie Halverson (51B), have made for Minnesota’s future.

Check out our flyer to learn just how important their leadership has been these last two years! The contrast with when others controlled the Legislature is profound.

So, yes, EVERY vote counts and can make a huge difference and, yes, each of us must work hard over the next two months to make sure our friends and neighbors understand this.

Thanks for all you do for Minnesota’s future!

[click on the image for full size – large, 3.1MB size – poster]

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