#flipadistrict IS ALIVE AND WELL

Maybe you heard about Bill Maher’s nomination of Rep. John Kline among the top (or is it bottom???) worst congresspeople in the USA. We happened to be “blessed” to be in Kline’s district 🙁

Maher had an idea: help the worst district to flip and send their worst congressperson to retirement and elect someone else. He (Maher) is willing to put a lot of money behind this effort, some rumors talk about $1,000,000 – that buys lots of ad time, lots of glossy mailers…

So the hashtag #flipadistrict in Twitter tweets, Facebook etc, along with an honorable mention of Kline’s name will count. The more, the merrier!

We have a great opportunity in any case, with Mike Obermueller who was endorsed by DFL CD2 Convention, to flip the district. With the #flipadistrict campaign, things could become really interesting…

Meanwhile, to understand the depth of the problem called Kline, and what can be done about it, check out the video below:

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