#flipadistrict Campaign Worked So Far…

You may have heard about the #flipadistrict campaign initiated by Bill Maher to flip the congressional district of the congressperson found to be the worst in the nation. Mr. Maher committed to spend some money and campaign in the “winning” district.

Our Congressperson in CD2, Rep. Kline “won” the deep honor to be nominated by thousands of people to be the worst in the nation.

What a distinction: He was voted as a loser by students, riddled with more exPEnsive education debt, more exTEnsive education debt. Kline voted to repeal the Affordable Patient Act – that gives a chance to millions of Americans without health insurance to get insurance they can afford and not be choked by greedy insurance companies. Kline was voted as a loser by women against whom Kline voted – fair wages, wage protection, working condition protection, and even by his vote against ACA that would have raised women’s health insurance costs. He was voted by … oh well, let’s just say Kline is a well-rounded, talented loser appealing to many constituencies who want him retired and GONE!

So many of you in SD51 and all over CD2 worked HARD to make sure our voice is heard all over the country and make sure Kline WINS that Loser title.

In the process, we all got a lot of education to understand how Kline does NOT represent us. We learned many lessons about social media and its power, and much about how lousy Kline is for our economy in CD2 and in Minnesota, as well as the entire USA.

Why the words “so far” in the title of this post? We still have much to do before Election Day in November in order to MAKE SURE Kline is retired to wherever losing representatives retire to.  We still have to make sure we elect our own Mike Obermueller and House Represetatives Masin and Halverson in SD51.

Get to work, folks!

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