SunThisWeek Endorses Mike Obermueller

Yesterday we were informed that our local newspaper, the SunThisWeek, endorsed Mike Obermueller for Congress over John Kline.

The endorsement appeared in an article on their website and in the newspaper yesterday. The article’s title is Folks will get a fairer shake from Obermueller. Read the editorial online.

The editorial endorsement spcifically states

Students, wage-earners, immigrants, people needing affordable health care, seniors and people nearing retirement would get a fairer shake from Obermueller than from the incumbent, Republican John Kline.

‘Nuff said!

Now it is time to make sure no one remains complacently at home and away from the voting booth. Every vote is important and should be cast and counted.

Now it is time to make sure people know where to vote, that they can register even on Election Day. Now it is time to go and vote early and make your wishes known – you do not have to wait till Election Day. Now it is time to enlighten everyone that they MAY vote using absentee ballot without providing a reason.

Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your kids, your relatives, your co-workers to make sure they exercise their citizenship right and vote.

Ken Martin, the chair of DFL in Minnesota (and incidentally a resident of SD51) expressed it well:

“If you are a Democrat and you do not vote, it is like casting your vote for the Republican Party.”

Scroll further down the page for information about early voting, absentee voting, how to register to vote, how to find out where you vote.

Thank you.

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