IR Budget Games at the State Capitol

Paul Thissen posted this message on the state DFL site.  I thought everyone in DFL51 ought to give it a look.  Thank you, Paul!

“MPR’s Poligraph yesterday found that the House Republican’s Health and Human Services budget is based on false numbers.

“The integrity of the state’s budget — and the integrity of the process for setting the state budget — may seem like a technical, insider issue. It is certainly not an issue that is going to win or lose an election.

“But it really matters. It matters to those who count on good schools, safe streets, and support for the most vulnerable because if our budgets are built on wishes and guesses rather than solid financial analysis, the money to provide those good things won’t be there when it’s needed. More importantly, if policymakers craft budgets using false numbers or baseless estimates, it perpetuates the myth that we can get something for nothing. And it ultimately corrodes our ability to have real conversations with each other about the challenges we face and the solutions we can achieve.”

view here

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