DFL Leadership Making a Difference for You

If you’ve ever wondered whether it makes a difference to have one party or the other in a leadership position, or if you’ve thought that divided government might get us the best of both worlds, take a look at the these lists.  They tell a dramatic story about what Democrats and Republicans have stood for over the last three legislative sessions, and the special session, when it really mattered at the State Capital.  And, yes, it makes a difference.  A big difference. [Click here to view/print a copy of the leadership flyer.]

DFL Leadership

  1. Helped make Minnesota the MOST business-friendly U.S. state (CNBC)
  2. Raised the minimum wage
  3. Repaid the money to our schools that Republicans borrowed to balance the state budget
  4. Funded all-day kindergarten and secured $100 million in 2015 for early learning initiatives
  5. Froze tuition for students in public colleges and universities
  6. Tripled the new investment in K12 Education over what Republicans proposed (to $525M)
  7. Tripled the new investment in Higher Education over what Republicans proposed ($166M)
  8. Enacted a new buffer strip law to protect our lakes, rivers, and streams
  9. Made marriage equality a reality for all Minnesotans
  10. Finished work on time and invested in the future when they controlled the Legislature and the clock

Republican Leadership

  1. Fought to award big tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest households
  2. Fought against economic security measures for families; limited the amount of broadband funding available to bring high speed Internet to rural Minnesota
  3. Blocked serious funding to meet consensus transportation and transit needs
  4. Fought to undermine Minnesota’s long standing commitment to health care
  5. Removed the freeze on college tuitions, which has already led to announced tuition increases, and opposed early learning initiatives
  6. Raided funds meant for keeping Dakota Co. landfills from polluting our drinking water
  7. Missed opportunities to grow clean energy jobs and undermined smart energy policies
  8. Rolled back decades of environmental protection and eliminated the key citizens’ voice for the environment
  9. Undercut the authority of our state watchdog, the State Auditor, to make sure taxpayer money is properly spent
  10. Failed to get their work done on time and forced a Special Session because they would not compromise

So, yes, who represents us in St. Paul really matters.  And that it makes such a profound difference is something we must never forget.  Not the next time a DFL candidate knocks on our front door and asks us for money or for our vote.  Not the next time they ask us to help them door knock or make a few phone calls.  And, certainly, not the next time we vote!

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