We Thank You for Making Our Precinct Caucuses a Success! Here’s What’s Next!

Thanks to the 3,345 citizens that participated in our March 1 precinct caucuses at Eagan Senior High School! From everything we saw first hand and have heard since, our caucuses held robust and stimulating conversations about the future we would like to see in our community, state and nation. They elected local precinct leaders and delegates to the Senate District convention, and adopted resolutions. Oh, and by the way, they gave Bernie 56.8% and Hillary 42.5% of the votes cast in the Presidential preference ballot.

Caucus participants elected 469 delegates and over a dozen alternates to our April 2 Senate District convention at Black Hawk Middle School. Registration for the convention starts at 9 a.m., while the convention, itself, begins at 10 a.m. We have the room until 4 p.m., but most expect we’ll finish our work well before then.

The April 2nd convention will endorse our candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate, confirm our precinct leaders, elect Senate District officers and our other officeholders for the next two years, and elect delegates to the state DFL and Congressional District conventions. The convention also will decide which of the resolutions adopted by our precinct caucuses should be passed along to the state DFL to be considered for inclusion in the DFL Platform.

If you are interested in serving in a Senate District position, please check out our page Apply for DFL SD51 Office. You can also view the descriptions of the various positions.

The time frame is very tight so please act quickly!

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