Welcome to the DFL51 Convention!

Congratulations, convention delegates and alternates, on your election! You’ll be representing your precincts at the Senate District 51 DFL Convention this coming Saturday, April 2, at Black Hawk Middle School, 1540 Deerwood Drive in Eagan. [map]

If you haven’t been to a SD51 Convention before, here’s what you can expect:

Registration opens at 9 a.m. in the school cafeteria. We’ll ask you to consider a $20 donation (it’s voluntary!) to the district to help us cover costs of the convention, as well as raise money to do the things we need to do to elect DFLers in November. Once you sign in, you will get a badge that will let you onto the convention floor. If you’ve brought any treats for our bake sale (more about this below), you can take them to the kitchen area at this time.

The convention convenes at 10 a.m.

The business of the convention will be guided by the procedural rules and agenda it adopts [Proposed Convention Rules and Proposed Convention Agenda].

This business will include electing the officers and central committee members who will lead our local party for the next two years.

Importantly, convention delegates also will endorse our candidate for the Minnesota Senate, and then split into 51A and 51B mini-conventions to endorse the respective candidates for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

After endorsements, when we reconvene as a single body, we will elect 19 delegates and 19 alternates to the Congressional District Convention to be held on April 30th and the Minnesota DFL State Convention to be held on June 4th.

Finally, we will review the resolutions adopted at the precinct caucuses, debate those that need to be discussed, and vote on those we wish to pass along to the state DFL Platform Commission. You can view the resolutions here [11 pages].

Both to keep you alert, happy, AND to raise money for the district, we will sell food and beverages during the convention, including hot dogs and nachos for lunch. In addition, we will run a bake sale, so you will be able to buy individual treats to munch at the convention or larger packages of goodies that you can take home and share with your family and friends.

If you have any questions about the convention, how you can contribute to our bake sale, or anything else related to our plans and process, just email me at chair@dfl51.org or Lisa at vicechair@dfl51.org.

We’ll see you at Black Hawk Middle School next Saturday morning!

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