DFL51 Solidarity Event – Resources

On December 11, 2016, we held a Solidarity event to demonstrate that everyone in DFL51 is in solidarity with our valued neighbors and friends who may have recently felt the hatred and bigotry promoted by many shameful pronouncements of the president-elect of the USA, Donald J. Trump and any of his minions. All of us are offended and all of us a hurt, regardless if we belong to a group targeted by Trump.

During the event, several important resources were provided to inform the community about what is available, where to turn to, and how to become better educated about this important topic for our society.

Member of the ACLU Minnesota Chapter spoke and distributed a pamphlet that guides the public about what to expect from their interaction with various law enforcement bodies, such as police, immigration, and FBI. This pamphlet is available at the ACLU-MN website here. The ACLU Minnesota website is here. It is available in two languages.

One of the persons who spoke was Dr. Onder Uluyol who spoke eloquently about the deep roots of the Muslim community in Minnesota, its immense contribution to society and common good in Minnesota and beyond. Dr. Uluyol is the president of the Islamic Resource Group (IRG) [website]. His group provides fantastic opportunities to get educated about Islam and Muslim culture and traditions.

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