The DFL51 Opportunity List for Activists

Hello Activists!

Thank you for your interest in Senate District 51 DFL.  We’ve got lots of ways you can get involved and help build our progressive community. If you like something in what we list below, please send me a note telling me what it is (or what they are) and what you’d like to do, and jump in.


First, just come to our monthly meetings and get to know us other volunteers and what we’re talking about. Our Central Committee meets the third Thursday of the month from 6:00pm until 7:45pm at Rasmussen College in Eagan, usually in room 201. Many of us go to Granite City after the meeting to continue conversations and socialize.  I hope you will join us on May 18th.


Our Communications and Outreach Committee meets the first Monday of the month at Davanni’s at 1960 Cliff Lake Road ‪beginning at 6:30pm. The next meeting is on June 5th. This group helps hash out the details of events we’re planning. It also discusses what more we need to be doing to better communicate and reach out to people in our area.


We had our winter True Blue Party at the Eagan Ice Arena on March 5th. This year we heard from the DFL candidates for Governor, as well as our state legislators. It was a great opportunity to engage them in one-on-one conversations.

We will be sponsoring a booth at the Eagan FunFest on July 3-4th, as well as our 12th Annual Family Picnic at Blackhawk Park on August 9th, so come help us plan both, if you’re interested.  We’ll also be discussing whether to hold a progressive caucus fair this summer, in addition to our picnic and FunFest booth, so please stay tuned — or get involved and help us decide whether we should sponsor such an event.

Why the focus on events? With the talk of parties and fundraisers, you may be asking why we spend so much time with them. Two reasons. First, it’s our mission to build a community of activists that share progressive values and understand all the ways we can support candidates that will fight for these values. Second is to raise money, which we can use to further this, whether it’s to develop literature for use in door knocking or to donate directly to the candidates we endorse.


Many of us went to St. Paul in January (and some to D.C.!) to join in the Women’s Marches on Washington and Minnesota. It’s the kind of thing we’ll need to do more of in the next four years to make sure Trump and Republicans understand that we’re watching and that they will pay a price with voters for the thoughtless, hurtful actions they may take.

At the state Capital, watching what the GOP-controlled Legislature does is more important than ever. There’s much we can do to help our DFL representatives resist the backsliding that their Republican counterparts seem so committed to pursuing. We need to stand ready when we get the call to attend a hearing in support of a bill they’re authoring or to oppose one they hope we’ll help them defeat. And at this point in the session, calls to the Governor supporting his courageous vetoes can make a difference as we enter the budget negotiation stage.

With so much going on, our organization has built an activist billboard that will let everyone know each week how they might help. This connects us both to groups that focus on lobbying Congress and those that call for actions at the state Capital. Please check out our new HootBoard page through the link on our Web site at


We also pick up litter on two streets in Eagan through the city’s Adopt-a-Street Program. The next pick up is a few months down the road. And, we help out periodically at the Open Door Food Shelf. We did that on March 2 and May 11th, and will announce other dates soon. Let us know if either activity interests you and we’ll put you on the right sign-up sheet.


Finally, if you’re a good letter writer, we’re always looking for people to write letters to the editor on local, state and national issues. If you’re not, but are willing to pick an occasional letter drafted by someone else, make it your own, and send it in as yours, we need that, too. We also always need people tweeting, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting on our web site blog about any of our issues of the day.

Please get in touch if any of the possibilities interest you, or if you’d just like to talk.

Thanks, again, for your interest in volunteering!


John Wells, Chair

DFL 51



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