Open Positions

The following positions are open and available for a dedicated DFL51 volunteer to fill. Please read the position descriptions carefully and consider filling one (or more) of these positions. If you are interested in running for an open position, please let the Senate District Chair and Vice Chair know of your interest by emailing them here. When you write, please share your name, phone number, email address and your interest.


There are currently 2 positions open for non-male identifying individuals.

The State Central Committee (SCC) is the governing body of the MN DFL between state conventions. It is the responsibility of our delegates (members) to SCC to make certain we are represented at these meetings by a full delegation. SCC delegates (members) attend SD51, CD2, and state Central Committee meetings. No experience required.

Meetings Attendance:
SD51 Central Cmte Mtgs: Required
CD2 & State Central Cmtes: Required


The Communications Officer is responsible for managing communication activities of DFL51 in cooperation with the chair, including:

  • Maintaining the website
  • Managing social media activities on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms the district may choose to use
  • Publishing and promoting party-with-the-party activities within precincts in cooperation with the Secretary
  • Monitoring and managing event information on the Google Calendar in cooperation with the Secretary
  • Sending mass communications in the district on behalf of the chair, the executive committee and the central committee using MailChimp, the VAN, or other vehicles the district may choose to use
  • Maintaining the district MailChimp account, updating lists, templates and persons authorized to use the account
  • Maintaining the electronic repository of important district documents
  • Co-chairing the Communications and Outreach Committee in cooperation with the Outreach Officer
  • Investigate and develop new communications avenues and methods.

Interested? Please click here to let our Chair and Vice Chair know!


The Outreach Officer shall be responsible for outreach to underrepresented groups within the Senate District, and shall conduct or sponsor wide-ranging, intentional and results-oriented activities designed to recruit and engage such groups in party affairs. The Outreach Officer shall perform all other duties usually incident to the office of Outreach. The officer is a member of the Senate District Executive and Central committees.

Senate District Director and Alternate Director

Directors serve as members of the DFL51 Central Committee. Alternate directors serve in their absence. Directors and alternate directors perform tasks assigned by the DFL51 Chair, or Executive or Central committees. Tasks may include helping plan one of the district’s various events and/or participating in our outreach and communications committee or other committees as may be established. No experience required.

Currently there is one Alternate Director position open. If interested, please scroll down to the form below.

SD51 Precinct Chair and Vice Chair

Leading DFL 51 at the Grass Roots
The Precinct Chair and Vice Chairs are the face of the DFL Party at its grass roots, the precinct. Every other level in the DFL builds on what happens in the precincts, whether it’s the Senate District, Congressional District or State Central Committee. As precinct leaders, the chairs are also key points of contact for neighbors interested in the DFL, the issues, and the people that can make a difference in the community, including our candidates and office holders.

In Senate District 51, we ask precinct leaders to help us reach out to their neighbors. That might mean delivering invitations to strong Democrats to join us at a picnic, helping recruit volunteers to knock on doors with an endorsed candidate, or making phone calls to find out what neighbors think about the Party. It could even mean getting people together at a neighborhood meeting or a party to talk about the issues, or just to have fun while building relationships.

Precinct Chair duties include the following:

  1. Attend monthly meetings of the Senate District 51 Central Committee, which meets the third Thursday of the month at Rasmussen College. (Precinct Chairs are voting members; Vice Chairs are their alternates.)
  2. Communicate with precinct caucus participants to keep them involved and aware of opportunities to help out; help maintain the caucus list of e-mails, phone numbers and addresses for the Senate District; convene the next precinct caucus in 2016.
  3. Get to know the precinct, locating important features, such as multiple unit dwellings, and making note of important changes, like new developments.
  4. Help identify Democratic voters in the precinct and encourage them to get involved with the Senate District and to work with campaigns. Look for campaign signs, bumper stickers, etc. and take note of their locations so that we can add the information to DFL voter file.
  5. Help conduct voter-registration and get-out-the-vote drives in the precinct.
  6. Help distribute SD51 DFL information, the DFL sample ballot, and campaign literature for endorsed candidates.
  7. Volunteer and recruit others to participate in and volunteer to help with this year’s DFL51 events, including the Eagan Fun Fest Booth and Parade (July 3-4), the Dakota County Fair Booth (August 8), the 10th Annual SD51 Summer Family Picnic (August 12), and the Burnsville Fire Muster Booth and Parade (September 5-6).

The Precinct Chair and Vice Chairs (whose job is to actively assist the chair in carrying out any and all of the above duties) work as a team on behalf of their precinct and the Senate District, and with the help and advice of Senate District officers and directors.

Currently, the following Precinct Vice Chairs positions are open:
Burnsville 1 (2nd VC-Female)
Burnsville 5 (2nd VC-Female)
Burnsville 6 (1st & 2nd VC – at least one Male)
Burnsville 9 (2nd VC Female or Male)
Eagan 3 (2nd VC-Female)
Eagan 6B (2nd VC-Female or Male)
Eagan 8 (2nd VC-Female or Male)
Eagan 12 (2nd VC-Male)

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